Outpatient Department


            Comprehensive eye check up

Ø     Refraction

Ø    Auto refractometer

Ø    Slit Lamp Examination

Ø    Fundus Examination


Cataract Services

Ø    Key hole Cataract Surgery (Phacoemulsification)

Ø    Biometry (A Scan)

Ø    IOL implantation with Foldable, Aspheric Intra ocular lenses

Ø    IOL implantation with Multifocal Lenses

Ø    IOL implantation with Toric Intraocular Lenses for those with astigmatism

Ø    Yag laser for Posterior Capsular Opacity

Ø    Secondary IOL implantation


 Glaucoma Services

Ø    Intra ocular pressure measurement with Applanation Tonometer

Ø    Optic Nerve Evaluation

Ø    Humphrey Visual Field Examination for visual field measurement

Ø    Yag Laser for iridotomy



 Pediatric Ophthalmology Services

Ø    Squint measurement with prism trial

Ø    Pediatric glaucoma evaluation

Ø    Congenital Cataract treatment

Ø    Squint Correction


           Vitreo Retinal Services

Ø    Detailed Retinal Evaluation

Ø    B Scan

Ø    Fundus Flourescein Angiography

Ø    Laser Treatment (PRP/Focal/Grid/Barrage Laser)

Ø     Surgeries

               Vitrectomy (with gas/silicon oil)

               Scleral Buckling 

               Intra-vitreal Injection


Cornea and Refractive Surgery Services

Ø    Corneal Ulcer Management

Ø    Pterygium Excision

Ø    Keratoplasty

Ø    Corneal Tattooing

Ø    Prosthesis


           Squint clinic

Ø    Occlusion Therapy

Ø     Prism Trial

Ø    Squint Correction


 Low Vision Aid Clinic


Contact Lenses

Ø    Daily Disposables

Ø    Monthly Disposables

Ø    Conventional lenses

Ø    Soft toric lenses

Ø    Prosthetic lenses


 Optical Shop