Common Eye Diseases

Common Eye Disorders

There are some common eye disorders which causes discomfort to each person. Some of which can be end result of some allergic reaction whereas other can be starting symptomof any serious illness. How and when to consult your doctor immediately? This gives you a brief overview of what can be done when these happen to your eyes. But, remember, these are only some guidelines, nothing can replace consulting with an eye specialist. Here, guidelines are given based only on your symptoms.


Blurred Vision:

If you feel your vision is blurred, there are two questions which arise.

1. If your blurred vision was a sudden or gradual one?

2. If it is associated with pain or not?

If you have blurred vision that happens suddenly with pain and persists, consider this an emergency. Consult your eye specialist immediately.

If you have blurred vision which alternates with sudden loss of vision, like a moving curtain, only in one eye, it is an emergency case. This could be related to retinal detachment or other such problems. Consult your doctor immediately or rush to an emergency centre.

If you have a slight blurring of vision occasionally or always which is not accompanied by any other symptoms like pain, redness, irritation, then it is not an emergency. It could be due to mild refractive error or due to dryness or tiredness of your eyes. Still have your eyes checked in a near future to rule out reason for your problems.



Redness of eyes is very common in any population. It can be due to several reasons. Some of the reasons which can cause your eyes red/pink are listed below:

Red/ Pink eyes: It is very common in children as well as in adults. Most of the times, it could be associated with other symptoms such as irritation, pricking sensation, watering, pain etc. If you have a number of other symptoms associated with simple redness, know that it could be a viral or bacterial infection. Then it is good to consult with your doctor for better diagnosis and treatment. These kinds of infection can spread to one person to other so easily. So it is important to maintain cleanliness in such cases. Do not rub your eyes and keep your hands always clean. Wash your hands with soap often. For relief, use cool, wet compresses on the outside of your closed eyes.

Your eyes can become red and puffy, when you have allergic reactions too. These types of reactions are non-contagious. It irritates often when you go out of your home or even at home if the environment is very dusty. For some people, it is seasonal. Seasonal allergic reactions could be because of some irritating allergen (e.g. pollen grains of plants). These reactions occur at a particular time of the year when the plants near your home produce pollen grains. Eyes become red and puffy immediately when your eyes get in contact with them. But most of the people have year-round allergies because of dust allergies.

Sub-Conjunctival Hemorrhage (Splash of blood due to broken blood vessels) can also cause your eyes red. It happens because of increased straining, lifting, rubbing or for no reason at all .They will have simple redness, not associated with pain and irritation. They are usually harmless and not an emergency at all if they are not associated with any other symptoms. But in very rare cases, it could be a sign of any other underlying serious problem. Thus, to be on safer side, consult your doctor within two days to rule such disorders if present.

Eye injury is another serious issue where you have to be really cautious as you have only one pair of eyes. Any type of injury can cause redness in your eyes which may or may not associated with blurred vision and pain based on the depth and type of injury. Any injury to eyes whether it caused or not caused any symptoms, needs immediate attention. If the person is very symptomatic, take him/her to an emergency care. Though the eye is simply red/scratched/swollen, there could be hidden damage inside the eye that must b treated soon. For immediate relief, put very cold compress/ice pack on the injured eye. Avoid rubbing your eyes.


Itching and Puffiness:

Very often, itching and puffiness could be allergic reactions of the eye. Mild cases can be treated with lubricating eye drops or anti-allergic eye drops. These are not at all emergency cases. But, for prescription of eye drops, you must consult an eye doctor.

Make sure you don't rub your eyes because rubbing will stimulate the production of chemical agents called histamines which actually worsen your irritation. Sometimes any injury to the eye also can cause puffiness. Consult your doctor immediately in case of any injury.


Eye pain /burning Sensation:

Most of the times, burning of eyes can be a symptom because over strain, dryness, allergy etc. This can be relieved with lubricant eye drops and also with cold compresses.

Eye pain can be of several causes. If you have a dull eyepain, which is not associated with blurred vision or redness or any other symptoms, then consider it not as an emergency. It may be due to straining of your eye. Consult your doctor, if your symptoms are present always and annoying your work.

Eye pain associated with redness or blurred vision, should be considered as an emergency case as it could be a sign of an underlying infection. Eyepain associated with movement of eyes also to be considered as an emergency.

Black spots, Flashes and Floaters:

If you have two or three spots, threads or "small insect like objects" that come and go especially when you are tired or when you look against a lighted wall, they are normal floaters. They are absolutely harmless. These are the some molecules in the inner liquid of your eyes.

But, if you see sudden fleshes of light or a bunch of floaters or a curtain over a part of your vision or misty vision, then consult your eye specialist immediately as it could be a sign of a retinal detachment or vitreous detachments. These can be helped if treated soon. If not treated early, these can lead to permanent loss vision or even complete.


Foreign body in your eyes:

Getting something in your eye seems like it should be an emergency, and it often is. If a thorn, piece of metal or glass or wood, or any sharp object is fallen in your eyes, it is critical that you see your doctor immediately. Don't rub your eyes. Don't try to remove it, if you feel some sharp object is fallen in your eyes.

If you feel, its only dust particle/hair, which is fallen inside your eyes, Don't get panic. Try to remove it with plenty of water/saline solution/ lubricant eye drops. If you are unable to locate the foreign body and the irritation still persists after washing your eyes, then consult your nearest eye specialist for better treatment.