Congenital/Developmental Glaucoma

The congenital glaucoma are a group of disorders in which abnormal high intraocular pressure results due to developmental anomalies of drainage (of aqueous humor) pathway of eye.

ometimes these types of glaucoma present at birth or occur until several years after birth.



Based on age of onset, developmental glaucomas are termed as below.

1. True Congenital glaucoma: child is born with ocular enlargement and increased IOP.

2. Infantile glaucoma: The disease manifests before 3 years of age.

3. Juvenile glaucoma: Symptoms can develop within 16 years of age.



Large eyeball called “Buphthalmos“(bull like appearance)

Rubbing of eyes


Cloudy cornea (cornea is anterior most transparent portion of eyeball)

Photophobia (resistance to light)

Bluish Sclera (white portion of eyeball is called Sclera)

Decreased vision

Increased Intra ocular pressure



Surgery is the primary option for such cases.

Medications are only secondary option.

Some of them need both together.