Contact Lens

Contact Lens

Contact lens is an artificial device whose front surface substitutes the anterior surface of the cornea. I.e. they are thin, very finely crafted plastic membranes that rest on the front surface of the eye. It corrects the refractive error and also corrects the irregularities of the front surface of cornea. There are many types of contact lenses available in market based on anatomical position occupied, the nature of material used for manufacturing, mode of wear and water content.

 They correct Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and presbyopia

 They provide

 > Natural vision

 > Larger field of view

 > Excellent comfort

 > No pressure on nose

 > Active lifestyle

 Types of Contact Lenses

 Soft Lenses: These are most common type of contact lenses. They are very soft in nature. Soft lenses with different wearing time are available now. They are yearly (Conventional) lenses, Disposable lenses (1 day to 3 months disposable) and extended wear lenses. Though all of them look alike, they differ in their oxygen permeability to cornea. Extended wear lenses have comparatively more oxygen permeability among them.

Disposable lenses are more convenient, comfort and safe. Disposable lenses are ideal for people with busy schedules, health conscious people and sport persons, where as conventional lenses are the economic option for value conscious people.

Soft toric lenses are also now available for persons with high astigmatism (cylindrical power). Normal soft lenses can only correct small amount of astigmatism, thus require soft toric lenses.

Semi soft lenses (RGP lenses): They are commonly known as rigid lenses. When compared with soft lenses, they are rigid in nature. They are suitable for those with high astigmatism and also for those people with irregular cornea (like in keratoconus etc). Their quality of vision will be better with contact lenses than with spectacles. They are available as yearly lenses. Among rigid lenses, there are special varieties of lenses made for those with advanced disease conditions.


 Contact lenses are an affordable solution (not very expensive!!!!)

 They do not cause any damage to your eyes if maintained well.

 Contact lenses require only simple and basic daily care which will not take more than 5-10 min /day

 They are very easy to wear except for the adaptation time.